Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mish Mash CSQ

Here is my latest CSQ! I love this method so much and am thrilled and flattered that Martguerita McManus, the co-author of the book(with her daughter Sarah Raffuse)- Crazy Shortcut Quilts - asked me to join a group of quilters she is training to teach this method in thier areas all over the country. Tomorrow night is my quilt guild's education fair....where we vote on what classes we want to feature for 2010. I will show this sample, and hope people vote so I can begin my teaching career for this awesome quilting method. I have had mixed reactions to the fabrics I chose...many traditional quilters think my eye for colors is too crazy and unconventional....can't help what I like. I tend to shy away from neutrals and traditional colors. This quilt is a mish mash of scraps I had and ended up being way smaller than most of my CSQs have been. A normal baby quilt in this method that I do is approx. 39" square. This measured in at 28.5" square - perfect for a wall hanging or bambino. The cherry, paisley, brown swirly, and pink/aqua floral, as well as the green sashing fabrics are all scraps from aprons I made last year.



Front vs. Back

Wish me luck on my new endeavor in the quilt teacher world.


Michelle said...

How exciting!
So here's a teacher job for you, answer this:
I love this quilt, actually it's pretty close to what I think of in my head for my next quilt, I am just horrible about picking out colors??
Any tips on that? I know I want bright and lots of color, plain fabric but I get to the store and am clueless.

Care said...

This is gorgeous! You;ve really got an eye for color!