Saturday, September 19, 2009

Green Fairy Quilt Charity

My blogger friend Judi, at Green Fairy Quilts (see button to the right) went to Romania in early September to visit orphanages and give the kids their own quilts. She sent a shout out in August that she was a few quilts short. I had my buggy CSQ quilt almost finished. It was planned for my high school girlfriend, Maura's new baby Alistair. So I emailed Maura to tell her the situation. So, with Maura's blessing, I shipped Alistair's quilt off to Judi in Utah who took it to Romania and gave it to a little one living in an orphanage.

You can see Judi's eloquent posting about her trip on her blog, along with the video highlight of her trip here My quilt is shown given to a little boy in this video at minute 6:01! That was exciting to see!

Thanks Maura and Alistair!

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Let it Shine said...

That apple purse you made is SO cute!!!!