Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Modge Podge Danskos

I came across this awesome tutorial for Modge Podge Shoes - and guess what...I did it....I picked up a pair of beat up Dansko Professional Clogs at a thrift store for $3.50 - even in their rough condition it was a heck of a deal. Add some fabric from my stash and Modge Podge and VOILA -

BEFORE : Rough & Ugly

AFTER: Snazzy new clogs :) - One of a kind get the tutorial HERE

Glorianne - it's on the way.....

Here's the final result of the wall hanging for the blog giveaway winner....Glorianne Schott. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Another Quilt Finished!

This quilt was made for one of Brent's co-workers new baby. I'm only a few months late on this one!!!! She was born last fall.

It has a pink camo influence (per parents request) - and I loved the way it turned out. This is the first time I have used fleece as a backing with no batting inside - and no real quilting - just stitch in the ditch.