Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!!

The kids love it when we decorate for the holidays.
Halloween is one of my faves! Here's a peek.

Adding more color to my life....

As I mentioned before - my bud Rachel gave me some free paint... One was a pint of green (used under the bar) The other -a pint of orange (I haven't used it yet) And finally a whole gallon of "Ripe Banana." I held onto this a while until I finally just dove in and took the gamble with such a bright color. I chose to only paint one wall...because that's all the paint I had :) I think it works. And I think it will be great during our dark winters.

The living room wall before.....BLAH!

And after.....Wa -Lah! I love it. The clock by the way was crafted by me.. the kit that makes up the motor and hands, broke, so I have to order another one...can't get it anywhere in Alaska. The scarf was a gift, again from my friend Rachel - she picked it up while in Ethiopia. The rod I used was a bathroom towel rack I got on clearance at Fred Meyer for 4 bucks. All in all a pretty cheap "lift" to an otherwise boring room.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

A view out my window

This is the view I had out the computer room window this morning! I really do love Alaska.

Another Schlep Bag

I made another schlep bag. This one for my friend, Candy, in her sorority colors. I added the patches of the sorority's letters and symbol...I thought it came out pretty cool. What do you think?