Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Dad

As many of you know, my dad has stage 4 malignant melanoma. I went to visit him in Florida in March. My fabulous sister, Tammy and her GF Shari donated their FF miles so I could get down to see him. It was a great visit - weather was good, and we just hung out. SIGH - he is currently doing chemo to slow the progression of the cancer in his lungs. His goal is to make it through the summer to spend it with family at the summer place on Campobello Island. Brent, the kids, and I are going in June. The kids are ging to spend the summer with him and Miriam at camp. I love this man so much - I can't imagine life without him.....my advice to everyone is to tell everyone that you love - that you love them - today, right now....tomorrow isn't a guarantee.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


More progress on the blanket toss wall hanging for my mom :) Its getting there.... I hate checkerboard patterns BTW, they are VERY unforgiving. Now all I need to do is quilt and bind it.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ipod cake

Tessah and Brent's dad share birthdays in the same week. (Tessah 2/27 - Peter 3/4) we did a cake for Tessah on her birthday (one I BOUGHT - for shame..for shame!) and then when Jamey, Indiya and Alora were back from the lower 48, we had a combined party for Dad and Tessah. I wracked my brain thinking of a cake I could make for both of them.... A challenge to find a common denominator between an 11 year old girl and a 53 year old "boy".... But I achieved it. They both love thier Ipods...so voila. This one I made. And guess what - Tessah told me the homemade one tasted "way better!"

Store bought - hamburger cake

Home-made Ipod cake
Tessah and Grampa

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Stressed to the max

Ok - so I am so stressed out between work and home that I feel my head might actually pop off. Brent is so good - he really wants me to be calm and just let whatever happens happen....but my brain just doesn't work that way...anybody got any ideas how I can make that happen? Tessah told me to quit my job and become a famous sew-er. I love that kid for thinking I have what it takes to turn my hobby into a business. God love her...I know I do.