Saturday, May 9, 2009


My T.O.P.S. (Taking Off Pounds Sensibly) chapter is having a "food" table at the flea market run by another chapter today. We decided to rent a table as a chapter and have a food & drink we all need to donate goodies - the proceeds go to our chapter. So I got to thinking - everyone will be making cookies and brownies, etc.... I'm going to be different (shocker, right?) I decided handmade chocolate drizzled pretzels were the way to go. And they look really good - taste good too - according to Brent and Jake (and me- LOL).

Since I am supposed to be taking off pounds...I'm glad I'll be at my table - not manning the chapter table! Wish us luck!

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Marguerita said...

That big red #15 on your blog is pretty impressive! Both you and my friend Laura and really inspiring me to loose the flab I loaded on this winter! Keep up the hard work and know that I am cheering for you every minute of every day!