Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fabric Stash put to use

Tomorrow is my neice Indiya's 5th birthday party! I am making her cake (which I will post pics of later) and making her present this year. As I have said in earlier posts - we are financially challenged- so from now on homemade gifts with materials I already have is my goal. According to my sis-in-law - the last thing Indiya needs is another Barbie (although that's what she wants - she is a 5 year old girl, y'know) So I waded through my fabric stash and found some perfect little girl fabric (confession: I had to buy the ribbon at Joann's - but I had a coupon - it cost me $1.29) and made her a sundress with a mtaching dress for one of her 17 Barbies. It actually fits Tessah as a shirt - so I'm sure I will be making this again.

I stole the idea for this dress from here....
AND here

I had no bandannas so I Googled the "standard bandanna size" and cut my fabric appropriately.

What do you think?


gammongirl59 said...

You are so clever. 'm sure India will love it.
Miss you

Marguerita said...

Oh my goodness -I *LOVE* that fabric and it looks so cute as two dresses! She's going to love it! I hope we get to see a pic of her wearing it :)

Michelle said...

What a great job! I miss u.