Sunday, February 22, 2009

Past projects

While browsing through my myriad of digital pictures, I came upon photos of my first projects ever! Since I've only been sewing since June 2007 - I think I am doing quite well...

#1 - the first quilt I ever made. With the careful eye and instruction of my - OH SO TALENTED IT PUTS ME TO SHAME - quilter mom :) She walked me through every step. This was an Xmas gift for my mom-in-law.

#2 colors in this one are more my style - and this was my first quilt ON MY OWN - many more imperfections than the "mommy holding my hand quilt." This was a Xmas gift for my brother-in-law, who is a musician/performer/actor....hence the musical theme. I still love this quilt.

#3 - baby quilt thrown together in an afternoon for my cousin's baby. Again - love these colors....

I wish I would have taken more pictures of the "Four Corners" aprons I made everyone for Xmas 2007. I must have made 10-12 of them. And the only picture I took was of the one fabric that was my least favorite. These aprons are a huge hit. I have 3 waiting in the wings to be made...hopefully I can finish them soon. LOL


Willa said...

Hi Honey
You're very creative and talented. I'm glad that I could help you with your first quilt. All your projects are lovely. I love my apron and schlep lunch bag. All the teachers comment on how much they like it.
Hope you like your new sewing machine.
Love you MORE

wildemom said...

Joanna your mom is so right. Since you have left I lost my creative partner and rarely do any of that stuff anymore. I envy you and your mom for being patient enough to do those quilts I love them, and a handmade quilt is such an awesome gift. Willa Dalton asked me the other day who made his quilt, it sits in his room usually over the end of his bed. We were folding it up and getting his room cleaned up and putting a few things away in preparation for a repaint in April.