Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hallelujah - the most stressful project is finished.

So - after putting this baby quilt aside MANY times because of the grief my sewing machine was giving me...I went out and bought a new machine - and after reading the manual and firing her up - I finished the quilt in 15 minutes... AHHHH CALM!

Because I ended up with more dark purple squares than the rest, I'm not sure I like the layout - but it was the only way I could figure it out......oh well.


MMM said...

Ohhhh! New machine! Heaven :) Tell us & show a picture. Glad your quilting is going smoothly now! ~ Marguerita

jodi said...

I just read about your dad on the cabin fever give away blog. I just thought I would let you know I am praying for you both. I work in healthcare and it's never easy when people have to fight something so aggressive, but I think it does help to know that people are praying for you, and now you'll have a network of people from oregon saying some for you, too.

tessahjake said...

Thanks so much Jodi - it is humbling when so many people who I've never met are praying for my dad - who they've never met.