Sunday, July 6, 2008

Tessah's Room Re-do..well not Re-do...more like DO!

The Desk "BEFORE"

The Desk - AFTER
Her fave: The animal prints - WILD CHILD
Above the closet door reads: If the shoe fits buy it in every color
So I finally got around to finishing Tessah's bedroom.

She has been using furniture since 2002 that is of course hand-me-downs, because that's the way it is. The desk was previously her Grampie's. Brent's dad got it from his grandfather when he was in 5th grade. She also was given a bureau, that had the same exact hardware and matched perfectly with the desk from her Nana and Papa when we lived in Florida. The Maple color never really worked for her room. So I re-fabbed them both. Slapped some white paint on them, some new knobs and drawer pulls that I let her pick out. The knobs were a bargain at 67 cents a piece. So I let her pick the nicer drawer pulls, $3.97 (GASP) She wasn't a fan of the cheaper ones...her words. I have also painted a desk chair to match, but have yet to finish the 2nd coat, so that will be "aired" at a later date.

The color on the wall is CLASSIC TURQUOISE by KILZ. The little doo-hickeys on the walls are wind hangy whatcha-ma-call-its that I found in the garden section at Joann's Fabric's and hung on the wall. There's 4 in different colors, but you can only see 2 in the picture. Also, you can click on the pictures to see more details. She loves the animal print curtains and wants to get a zebra print throw or pillows.

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