Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My collection

For a couple of years now I have been collecting cookie jars. It all started with "the little boy" that was Brent's Memere's that we have had in every house we have lived in. For a long time it was the only one we had. And my loving husband pointed out it is the only one that is not MINE :) Then Miriam gave me the "strawberry" for Christmas a few years ago....then I caught the bug. At first I bought them as gifts for Miriam's collection...but once we hit Alaska...I started my own collection because I have the perfect kitchen cupboards to display them. I am fond of the quirky or different. For Christmas 2006 I got the "jukebox" and "the Pillsbury" from Brent and my mom-in-lawMary got me the "jeans" for my birthday last year. When I buy my own, I make every attempt to find the best bargain I can. Thrift stores and yard sales are the way to go. Bishop's Attic is a local craft store and I got the "hippo" there for 5 bucks in the box! I got the "purse" at Salvation Army for 4 bucks! No run of the mill for me. The "coffee grinder" was another Salvation Army find...a bit steep for my blood at 12 bucks. "The bag of lemons" was at Bishop's Attic...3 bucks, baby! The only one I have spent any substantial money on is the "retro toaster" and its my favorite. It was 1/2 price, but still a little to much for my cheap ass! The one that led me to post this today is the "scottie dog." I got him today at the Salvation Army for 5.50 in the box. Woohoo! I also have a purple one that matches my Fiesta Ware, but it is on the counter filled with dog biscuits. So now, you know my weird little hobby!

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