Monday, October 19, 2009

Before and After Wall hanging

I totally forgot to take the before picture of this ugly wall hanging until after I did the first coat of blue around the edge.
I found this hideous piece of "art" at the thrift store for 50 cents. Had no idea what I'd do with it - but brought it home anyway!

Fast forward about a month to October 18, 2009. A 2 o'clock baby shower and no gift. I had planned on a quilt...but ran out of time (good thing - mom-to be got like 5 quilts) . So I hauled out this press board covered frame-less circa 1985 painting thingy and got to work early that morning. The result was kinda cute and I think mom-to-be really liked it.

It was a challenge because the nursery's theme was Americana - red white and blue..however I don't have a lot of supplies in the Americana theme. So I went girly American....

I think I might be doing this kind of thing a lot now... The picture doesn't do it justice...truly.

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