Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Stressed to the max

Ok - so I am so stressed out between work and home that I feel my head might actually pop off. Brent is so good - he really wants me to be calm and just let whatever happens happen....but my brain just doesn't work that way...anybody got any ideas how I can make that happen? Tessah told me to quit my job and become a famous sew-er. I love that kid for thinking I have what it takes to turn my hobby into a business. God love her...I know I do.


Michelle said...

Trust God.
Easier said than done I know but I've learned that when I stress I'm sayng to God, "My problems are bigger than you." That's simply not true. I wish I had scripture right in front of me or on my tonue but I don't righ tnw; but I'd suggest you look at life right now as part of the refining process to bring you closer to the Lord, or better yet to make you more like Christ. When we are being refned it's hot it burns and it sucks, but if we keep our eyes on Christ and trust Him we'll come out as Jb said "pure as gold". Really trust Him and know that He has good in store and he has a bigger, perfect plan that we may not ever get on this side of heaven.
You're dad is a believer, find peace in that.
I've been having a rough one lately and so you can read a few of my last blogs. Also click on Superhero mom, she had a good blog this last week about a conversation with God. You may find them encouraging. Look to scripture, it's the only truth and the one true source of peace and comfort. I like Psalm 103 and Psalm 121, they've been good for me this last week.

MMM said...

One day at a time. And sometimes, it just one half-hour at a time. Try to "be in" and focus on *just what's happening around you* each moment - make each the best moment of your life (or try anyway). (((Big hugs))), Marguerita

The Richards said...

You are too talented! I have to get you to sit down with me and share your quilting skills. I am done working on May 1, so if you ever want to do a hang out, let me know, I will be just waiting for little Bryce to arrive!